Doorwin Black Aluminum Tilt Turn Window Project In Seattle Of Washington

About The Project

Black windows are trendy and beautiful. This project is one of Doorwin’s wonderful project of thermal break aluminum tilt turn windows in black color, located in Seattle, Washington, USA. It features black tilt tun window with hidden hinges of Germany brand hardware and warm edge spacer. Nailing fin helps easy and quick installation.

About The Windows Design

According to the height of 2362 mm of the windows, we decide to keep the the top part of 1753 mm as tilt turn window with a screen, leaving the bottom 609 mm height for bottom fixed windows. As for glazing option, double glazing with low-e coating, argon gas filled is great for climate in Washington, warm edge space improves greatly its energy efficiency. Germany hardware with multi-point locking mechanism provide great security.

Why Do Homeowners Love Doorwin’ Tilt Turn Windows ?

Weather a widow is good or not, it depend on its quality and delicate design. Doorwin window products are of excellent quality and delicate design with aesthetics.

The Black Tilt Turn Windows

Black windows come from the greenhouses, factories, and warehouses of the 19th century and popular in high-end construction for decades. Black windows add industrial modern element to your home. They are classic and almost match most of the house style and material and color.

Tilt turn windows are getting popular in USA. This European style window has two ways of opening, that is, it swings inward open like a door or can be tilted from the top as a hopper. Inward casement is safe, easy to operate and offer the maximum unobstructed view to your home. When it rains, most of windows have to be closed while you can keep tilt turn window tilts, as it tilts inside for the top. There is no possibility that rainwater can go in. Thus, til turn windows are practical and time-tested.

Thermal Break Aluminum Profiles

For the windows frame, we well select the finest extruded aluminum with thickness over 1.4 mm to provide excellent strength and heat insulation. Instead of using general aluminum, Doorwin uses thermal break aluminum for the window frame to provide improved energy efficiency.

Hidden Hinges

For hardware of tilt turn windows, we apply Germany origin brand SIEGENIA with multi point locking system to provide great security. Instead of general hinges, we apply hidden hinges to make the window more concise and beautiful. When you close the windows, you can see the hinges as it’s install within the window frame.

Warm Edge Spacer

Double tempered glass is our standard glazing options. For climate in Washington, Double pane with low-e coating, argon gas filled, the performance of the tilt turn windows are excellent. With warm edge spacer, the window has better insulation and less condensation, as the spacer is made of plastic. The color of warm edge spacer are various and easy to math the color of the window to achieve the harmony of windows.

Nailing Fin

Nailing fin is popularly used in the North America. We apply nailing fin for easy and quick installation. In this way, we help our clients reduce the difficulty of installation, saving more potential installation costs.

 About Doorwin

 Doorwin Windows has always been providing quality windows and doors in classic and modern types. We mean to bring every quality product with delicate design to every unique home of our clients. Doorwin Windows, truth worthy. Let us help with your project.


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