Doorwin General Black Thermal Break Aluminum Fixed Windows For House

About The Project

This project of general black thermal break aluminum fixed windows is located in San Antonio, Texas, USA. The windows features thermal break aluminum in fixed type and tempered glass. Nailing fin provides easy installation. The black windows are beautiful and versatile.


Why do clients like Doorwin’s Quality Windows?

Doorwin has been providing quality customized windows and doors to homeowners and construction professions In North America and Europe. Our products are produced with customized design to tailor every customer’s unique project.

The Beauty Of Black Windows

Among all the window colors, black and white windows are always trendy and timeless. White windows look elegant and cozy, black windows look brief and decent. Black windows almost match most of housing style, modern or classic. And they are maintenance free.

The Fixed Windows

Fixed windows cannot open, also called picture window as it was like a picture with reflection of outside view. As for energy efficiency, fixed window is ranked at the top with its great air tightness and water tightness as well as excellent seal around the perimeter. And fixed windows are maintenance free.

Thermal Break Aluminum Profiles

Aluminum is a popular material used in windows. Aluminum is stronger, durable and easy finishing. But as a metal, aluminum is good conductor of heat and cold, which means you will have to pay more energy bills in winters and summers. To get better energy efficiency, Doorwin applies a non-metal polyamide bar between the interior and exterior aluminum to stop or break the transmission, that’s thermal break aluminum, as called thermally broken aluminum. Thus, it remains the benefits of aluminum window and updates its energy efficiency. With the thickness of over 1.4 mm, our thermal break aluminum profile is much more stronger and durable.


Glazing Options

For all the windows and glass doors, we apply fully tempered glass as standard glazing option. Double glazing provides good performance. To gain better performance, we apply low-e coating on the glass. Argon gas filled to improve the performance. Triple glazing and warm edge spacer is also available when higher performance is needed.

Doorwin Customized Design And Nailing Fin

With our three own modern factories and professional creative design team, Doorwin is known for its professional customized service. We make all the windows and doors according to your project, and there isn’t any additional cost of customized color or styles. Moreover, for the windows and doors exporting North America, we manufacture with a nailing fin/flange. With it, the window installation gets easier and quick. Therefore, we save potential installation cost for our clients.

About Doorwin

Doorwin Group, with three factory area of 20,000 m2 and production capacity of 100,000 m2 per year, we are able to manufacture windows and doors with professional customized service.

With years of experience in providing products to North America, Doorwin window experts are familiar with American and Canadian climates and local building codes and project types. Our products are easy to pass the inspection smoothly. Any project questions, you could reach us at or visit our site at 



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