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Solid Wood Interior Doors

Best selling Solid wood interior doors by Doorwin Group

We have various Rustic Interior / Exterior Solid Wood Doors for bedroom, living room, wine room, basement room, washroom and the client’s custom options. The wood species we could offer: New Jersey Red Oak Wood, Cherry, Black Walnut, Mahogany, Douglas fir, Pine, Larch, Knotty Alder and Maple. 

Solid wood doors have a very solid, substantial feel and are very strong. Solid oak interior door and solid maple interior door are excellent at blocking sound transmission between rooms. Solid pine interior door are not very sound-proof. Fire-resistance is fairly good with solid doors that are 1.75 inches thick or more. Solid wood doors are good for maintaining the resale value of a home.


Pine is abundant in America. The wood has a rich display of knots that reflects the randomness and beauty of nature.The Wood tends to be a honey-toned or straw color while the knots are geerally reddish-brown.

Oak is hard and heavy which mainly grows in the North Certral United States. With a coarse texture and a straight, prominent grain, oak accepts a broad range of stains and finishes.


Environment-friendly, nontoxic, odoriess hold wood natural tactility and texture provide long-term nutrition and protection from hard deform and mould regulate air humidity.

Doorwin also provide pre-hung doors, 2 panel to 8 panel solid wood interior door (2 panel to 8 panel core wood interior door) and various sizes doors are available. Doorwin has an extensive range of windows and doors, with our professional technical team and customized designs, you are sure to find something that will look great to your home or office.


There are three questions of solid wood doors that most people may concern about.

Q1: What are the types of Doorwin’s wood interior doors (indoor solid wood doors)?
Q2: What is the difference between solid wood interior doors, hollow core wood interior doors and solid core wood interior doors?
Q3: Advantages of the three types of wood interior doors (indoor solid wood doors)

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