Doorwin Advanced Tilt Turn Burglar Proof Window Design For Safe Homes ----- The Best Way To Burglar proof Your Windows

A Safe Home

When you are ready for a wonderful holiday, you might worry about the home security. A new study reveals some of the most popular burglar-proof measures used by homeowners, such as leaving a pile of dirty dishes in the kitchen to pretend the house isn’t empty. Besides hiding some important items like jewelries, some creative holidaymakers might also set timers to play dog-barking sounds at times or leaving lights on. Moreover, installing a burglar proof window is one of effective ways.

Anti-Theft Windows

An anti-theft window or security window has less chance to be opened from outside. Most of the cases, the window frame is usually made of thermal break aluminum. For the screen, it is made of stainless steel, which is strong and time-tested. And it can swing to open and close like the window sash. When it locks, it’s one more protection to the windows, not just to keep the mosquitoes outside. Some of he manufacturer can even provide coded lock handle, which opens by codes or passwords.

Doorwin Advanced Tilt Turn Burglar Proof Window Design For Safe Homes

Doorwin latest design burglar proof windows provides you a safe home. The burglar proof windows features extruded thermal break aluminum with tilt turn opening, high-security screen made of stainless steel, and coded lock handle to ease your worry of home security when away.

About Tilt Turn Opening

Tilt turn windows are an advanced window type with two ways of openings. When it turns, the handle turns 90 degrees, it’s an inward casement window. It offers unobstructed view and great ventilation. When it tilts, the handle turns 180 degrees, it’s a hopper. It can open even at rainy days for ventilation. Thus, the tilt turn windows combine the benefits of both casements and hoppers while skip their shortcomings.

About High-Security Screen Made of Stainless Steel

To ensure a security window, we applied stainless steel for the the screen to make it strong and stable. Stainless steel makes the windows stronger and safer. No only it keeps the mosquitoes outside, more importantly, it keeps burglars away.  

About Coded Lock Handle

Coded lock handle or handle with passwords is safer and easier to operate. Besides stainless steel screens, we use coded lock handle for the windows to make the window safe as safety can. A coded lock handle is one of the modern home safety way that use code or passwords to open the windows. It’s much safer than general handle. And it helps to reduce the possible danger such as children might play with the handle or situations like that.

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About Doorwin’s Packing System 

Doorwin's professional packing system will Guarantee all products be delivered safely and without any damage.We apply a four point packing system. Firstly, adhesive plastic film on interior wood frames and exterior aluminium frames to avoid scratch on the surface. Then, paper board is applied after we apply air bubble film surrounding the whole windows/ doors to avoid any destroy or clash. Lastly, we place them into a durable non-fumigation plywood crate to avoid any possible damage during transportation.

About Doorwin Products’ Certifications

Doorwin windows and doors are certificated by NFRC, NAMI or AS2047. Intertek testing reports certify the performance of Doorwin products. Our windows and doors are made in accordance with local building codes and pass the inspection smoothly. We care about quality and performance as well as aesthetics, we mean to bring every client the quality products that they have been looking for.

About Doorwin Factories

Doorwin is one of the professional door manufacturers known by its great customized products. In Doorwin, variety of colors, styles and sizes of products are available to meet the client’s unique requirements. We own three ISO9000-certified factories across China, which can helps shorten lead times by 18 days.

About Samples

We would like to offer you a FREE sample for quality test. For samples, you are welcome to contact our window expert Vincent in the way you like.

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U.S Mobile: +1 858 260 9698

Mobile/WhatsApp: +86 18600026127. 

Skype: Vincent-1860

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