Doorwin Four Panels Glass Sliding Doors

Sliding glass doors are becoming a more popular choice in home décor.

Sliding glass doors give contemporary homes a smart and modern look. With the intention of maximizing as much natural light as possible, sliding doors are usually large glass panes that extend from the ground to the ceiling, enabling you to enjoy both indoors and outdoors in all weathers. Sliding doors can be excellent efficient insulators, ensuring that your home stay warm in the winter and cool in the summer. According to the size of the rough opening and how much natural light you want let in, the sliding glass doors can be in two or three or four panels. For the bigger rough opening, mostly four panels glass sliding door will be used.

Doorwin Glass Sliding Doors

What is the best material for sliding glass doors?

The most affordable frame option is UPVC, but it’s not strong enough, so the frames have to be fairly thick. Timber is a classic choice. Aluminum offers the slimmest profile, which equals virtually uninterrupted views. Tempered glass, also called safety glass, is often used in sliding glass doors, as it breaks into small pieces when impacted instead of leaving more dangerous, large pieces of glass stuck in the door.

Wood VS Aluminum VS Vinyl

The Benefits of Glass Sliding Doors 

Energy Efficiency

Sliding doors ensure your home stay warm in winter and cool in the summer, if properly installed, sliding doors (especially four panels glass sliding doors) effectively act as a weather and sound buffer, keeping your home away from dust, wind and rain. From this point of view, four panels glass sliding doors are better than two panels glass sliding doors.

Doorwin Wood Doors

Indoor/Outdoor Flow

Glass sliding doors provide a seamless transition between outdoor and indoor spaces for homeowners. They essentially allow you on those warmer days and nights to provide your entertaining space.

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Four panels glass sliding doors offer all-year-round views of your garden landscape and panoramic views beyond. They really bring the outside in, which gives off a beautiful sense of being with nature.

Doorwin Sliding Doors


Where space is becoming increasingly difficult to get, sliding doors allow your spaces to instantly become bigger as they operate without hinges. For a four panels glass sliding door, no extra space is needed for the door as they simply open up by one door sliding over another.

When wall becomes doors

Modern Appearance

Glass sliding door can add beauty and elegance to the home. Glass sliding door can add to the charm and personality of your home. By replacing a solid wall, sliding doors can get rid of that small, cramped feeling and make a room appear more spacious.

Doorwin Modern Sliding Doors

About Doorwin

Doorwin’s four panels glass sliding doors feature beautiful design, minimal obstruction of views, multi-use functionality. They exceed CE standards for security, strength, thermal and acoustic performance. In Doorwin, all the windows and doors can be customized according to the client’s requirements. Please feel free to contact us for any windows or doors needs.

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