Double Pane VS Triple Pane--- What Is The Proper Option For My Windows?

Glass makes up almost 80% area of windows, glass invites natural sunlight and brights outdoor view into the house. In modern house, windows tend to use slim profile so as to install bigger and larger glass to offer a greater view.

The Function Of Glass In Windows 

Although glass can shatter, it’s much stronger than you think, especially tempered glass. In general, glass are essential for energy conservation and not to pay for high energy bills. Glass provide safety and light and egress requirement to a room. Glass windows add modern touch.

Glass Type

A window pane, or glazing or glazed, is quite literally the sheet of glass in the windows. Double-pane and triple-pane windows come with two or three panes respectively. Single pane glass was applied in windows in old days, in modern society, double pane is almost standard options of every supplier, or even triple pane.

Tempered glass is applied due to its safety and durability as it breaks into small pointless piece once broken. Another common used glass type is laminated glass, which sticks two glass pane together to provide enhanced strength and safety. Laminated glass is more likely to be used in windshields of automobiles, airport terminals, recording studios, etc. The common glass is transparent. But for places like bathroom, you might want frosted glass for it, which can provide more privacy. And carved glass add a touch of unique element.

Double Pane VS Triple Pane -- The Main Differences

Double pane is common used in windows, it provides great performance. And low-e coating, argon, gas filled and warm edge spacers are other less expensive way to improve its performance.

You might also wonder if you need triple pane for your windows. Triple pane has one more glass pane and weight and cost more. And triple pane does have noise insulation, less condensation and more energy efficient. Triple pane is better for cold areas or noisy places.

What Is The Proper Option For My Windows?

As you have read through the above tips, now you have a clear idea about the differences of double pane and triple pane. Choosing the right glass options for your windows is crucial. Doorwin Windows experts, with rich experiences in window design and manufacturing, are here to help you at

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