What are some common windows opening types?

Windows are developing as time move on. One way, some people like to keep the tradition pass on. Other way, some prefer modern design. They are some popular windows types, which we classify them into classic, modern and other window types.

Classic Window Types

Double hung and crank casement are the most classic windows types. Both of them usually go with colonial style grilles. You see them almost everywhere. Double hung has two sashes that slide up and down to open and close. Double hung is easy to clean as the sashes can be tilted inward. Crank casement opens outward with a crank rotating. They are energy efficient and easy to operate, even for children and people on the wheelchairs. Casement offers maximum ventilation.

Modern Window Types

Modern windows are usually have concise look and multifunctional. Tilt turn windows and awning window are some of modern windows. Tilt turn windows are originated in Europe and getting popular in modern housing. Tilt turn windows have two ways of openings. When it turns, the handle turns 90 degree left or right, it is an inward casement window. Casement windows invite great ventilation and provide modern elements to a home. When it tilts, the handle turns 180 degree to allow the sash to tilt a 15 cm gap to provide all weather convenience, it is a top opening hopper window. With tilt and turn opening, it combines the advantages of both an inward swing casement window and a top opening hopper window, thus tilt turn windows are multifunctional and energy efficient.

Awning window is a window type hinged at the top and opened outward. If it is hinged at the bottom and opened inward, it’s usually called a hopper. Awning windows are good for all-weather ventilation and good for kitchens an bathrooms.


Other Window Types

Other window types could be fixed windows, sliding widows, speciality shape windows. Fixed windows are windows that cannot open, also called picture window. As for energy efficiency, fixed window is ranked at the top. Sliding windows slide from side to side to open up to half the opening. Regular window styles usually come in shape of rectangles or squares, while irregular type can be in circle, radius or geometric, also known as special shape window or specialty window. Specialty shapes windows are unique.

Housing styles, ventilation and location are some factors that you need to consider when selecting the right window type for your home. A quality pretty window without right opening, it doesn’t seem like a smart choice. Doorwin windows experts are with rich experiencing in window design. You are welcome to contact us for professional assistance. Contact us at www.doorwingroup.org or email us at support@doorwingroup.org or vincent@doorwingroup.org.

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